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Make the most out of available cloud offerings with CloudPerfect Tools

Despite the rising popularity of IaaS, cloud IaaS adopters still face a number of challenges. In this white paper we focus on those cloud adopters that host or run their applications on cloud IaaS e.g. owners of on demand applications offering them as services to third parties (SaaS) or owners of applications of high computational demand.

Benchmarking the Cloud in a simple and effective way

Benchmarking is a well-known and extensively used technique for assessing and comparing performance of systems. Applying benchmarking to Cloud services creates new opportunities to make a more efficient usage of the Cloud and save costs. This paper discusses how CloudPerfect’s Benchmarking Suite helps users and providers to perform various benchmarks.

Cloud Computing for Computer Aided Engineering

The prime goal of the survey was to learn more about the pains of the cloud services currently offered from the Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) user point of view. Furthermore it allowed establishing the requirements and interests of the current or potential cloud customers regarding the future cloud compatibilities.

CloudPerfect Architecture

This document describes the tools and tookits of CloudPerfect in more technical detail and elaborates their respective software architecture.

CloudPerfect Experiment Scenarios

This document describes the example use cases scenarios in which CloudPerfect can be employed. They offer a better insight into the capabilities and current development status of the CloudPerfect tools in real reference use case scenarios.

CloudPerfect Software Installation Guide

This document goes through all the steps, in a tutorial style, for the installation of the CloudPerfect software.

CloudPerfect Flyer

The flyer provides a quick overview over the core features of CloudPerfect – it is perfect for distribution at events.